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Hockey! Hockey!

Went to the Allstate to watch Skatin Bacon take on the Lake County Hosers as part of the Guns -n- Hoses charity games to support ABTA.     A friend of mine plays with them, so I've been going there to practice my hockey photography.    Really enjoying the challenge.

Afterwards was the Wolves game, we lost, but the seats were great and we had a Penguins fan next to us.  

Penguins have a big big big game tomorrow.  They so need to win for me.

Also, I am thinking of trying this Womens Hockey Clinic on Thursday.   I've gone skating the past 3 weekends, but prior to that it was 5-6 years ago, and at that point, I maybe got... 3-4 months tops on the ice?   So, it's a big step.

Here's my fave from the Wolves game I think.   Notice the broken stick?  Heheh

Busy busy!

So many things I have going on and want to keep track of.      I restarted South Beach and am feeling pretty good so far on it.   Course, only at 1.5 days in, but still - just NOT eating crap gives me a confidence boost.  I need to do more with preparing my food beforehand though.  That will make this tons easier.  And I need to limit my eggs to 2 per day.   And make some of those mock french toast things.

I rejoined Bally's as they gave me a rate of $99 for a year.  At $8.50ish a month, you really can't beat that.  It's also closer to home and has the capoeira class that I had some fun with.   I have 3 months left at X-Sport and 14 PT sessions.  I've decided to suck it up and finish them off.  I'll go to one of the other locations and just get a new trainer.   That should help a ton.  

I want to buy a new camera lens.  I really need a 300mm even if it's kinda slow and not as awesome as the $3000 kind.   This weekend I want to head back to Starved Rock and grab some more pics of the Bald Eagles.  They won't be here too much longer, especially with the thawing we're having.

I need to finish planning out the trip to the Seattle area.   I need to get it written up nice so that I can show my sister and show her how absolutely affordable it it.   Once I get the ok, I need to start locking in those places to stay.  This part always makes me nervous.   I think it doesn't help that Ruth always seems so unsure and off on the side of the planning.  

Up to episode 124 of Naruto.  Still really enjoying the series, holy crap. :)  

I think there was something else I wanted to talk about, and I've totally forgotton.  Ugh.  Ah well!

New Naruto Diet!

My new affliction, (Narutardosis) has given me inspiration for a new diet.  Hey!  Maybe it will work and I can market it for millions.  Ok, probably not.   But in the very least, I have a new, if not a bit silly, mantra that I've stolen from Naruto.

In regards to food/eating ... I will steal Naruto's saying of, "I won't lose to you!"

And eat a lot of ramen...

Starting Fresh

Guess whose starting over again?    0=)    There are 21 weeks until June (roughly) and that is my goal date for being back into the healthy weight range.    Posting this here as a reminder to myself to ya know, stick with it.

To Do and Stuff

1)  Get to work early.
2) Oatmeal and Orange Juice for breakfast.
3) Jot down smoothie recipes.
4) Make shopping list for groceries.
5) Reprint a stack of Warhammer character sheets.
6) Work on Constance' personality.
7) Grocery shop at lunch.
8) Make Christmas list (mine - also what I want to get others)
9) Exercise (45m)
10) Do Week 1 Day 1 Push Ups
11) RP Scene - TQ.
12) Research places for bday bash.

Ominous Mornings

Two mornings in a row now... I get up, get ready and get set to go.  As I enter the kitchen, a crow lands on the railing of the deck and looks in at me.   He doesn't stay long and once I open the door he flies away.    Today, there was a second crow nosing around in the planter outside.   So maybe they are just looking for stuff.

But oh man, creepy!  Crows are creepy things.   Maybe it's a Corax!!

Anyway, so I go outside to scrape the ice off my windows, thinking to myself 'how amazingly creepy that a stupid crow has stared at me two mornings in a row.'    I look up to the sky and what do I see?   All glowing and magical with the sun's early morning rays?   A red tailed hawk soars RIGHT over me and I was like woooooo!  Yeaaaaah!

Anyway.  Random creepy story.   Damn Halloween.

Nice Weight Loss Quote

"Losing weight is not about willpower--it's about moments of bravado, like the moment when you ask your waiter to take the bread away from the table right away."